Notifications are only being sent to the first email in the list

Hello! I’ve been having an issue lately where the email notifications are only being sent to the first email in my recipient list. I normally add a few comma separated emails to the recipients field in the notifications settings. However, recently (maybe after an update, but I’m not certain) they have only been going out to the first email in the list.

Hi Doug. There is no change in Gravity Forms that will cause this. The issue is likely that your mail server is rejecting the list of addresses.

You can enable Gravity Forms logging to see what Gravity Forms is handing over to the mail server.

Then, test the form, and go back to Forms → Settings → Logging and view the Gravity Forms Core log. You will see what Gravity Forms tried to hand over to the mail server, and what the result was. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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