Notifications not sending to all recipients


We’ve been using this for years as a way for our team to get job requests, the emails show they are being sent - and some of the recipients are getting them, but the same one person every once in awhile stops getting them in her inbox. I’m wondering if there is something I’m missing on my end.

It would be easiest to diagnose this if you open a support ticket:

However, if you want to try and resolve that here, I recommend enabling logging and then testing your form to see what is happening with the notifications.

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I did open a support ticket - i just hadn’t heard back - So i thought i’d see if anyone had suggestions!

There are general suggestions, but every site is different and there are many reasons this may not be working for you. If you start with the support ticket, they can give you the logging instructions and interpret the messages you have about notifications. In most cases, the issue is not with Gravity Forms, but with the configuration of your notification, or an issue with your mail server (which may not like something about your notification.)

Thank you Chris! I appreciate your response. I will wait to see what happens with the support ticket I started the other day.

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Do you have the ticket number? I can check into it for you.