Notification Emails not received

Hello, since a fewe weeks we do not use the domain mail anymore in the forms beause they don’t receive the mail. If I put in another nmail-adress it works fine. The helpdesk of the provider did a lot of effort to make it work again, but still it doesn’t.

Ther answer is: Afterward, you should be able to use your custom domain address in the From: field of your contact form. Please note that you will need to consult with the contact form service so you can set the appropriate SPF and DKIM records that will confirm the authenticity of the sent messages when using the form."

Hpo you can help.
regards, Astrid

Hi Astrid. The SPF and DKIM records need to be added with the DNS provider; they’re not specific to Gravity Forms. Those records are what allow other mail providers to know if a mail that says it’s coming from your domain is actually from your domain (not spoofed.)

It does not sound like the work is done if the mail does not arrive. I recommend contacting your host again to work with them to have the proper DNS records added. The issues are not related to Gravity Forms, and we won’t be able to resolve them on our end. Thank you.

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