Notification Emails Missing Data even with {all_fields}

My site has 4 fields but when the email arrives it only contains 2 of the 4 fields.

I do have {all_fields} on the notification page but only half of the data arrives even though all the data is collected. I noticed in one of my screen grabs a < at the top (see screen grab). Made me wonder if there is some broken code some where.

Hey Kurt,

First, please troubleshoot your notification settings by following the link below. If you are unable to fix the issue, you can then open a support ticket.

The actual email is being delivered but the data is not being displayed. It would seem that when I use {all_fields} it is no longer placing all the data in the email and I mentioned in the previous email the < in the email makes me feel like there is a code issue preventing the rendering/delivery. When I don’t use {all_fields} but rather the specific fields it sends all the content as expected

{First Name:1}
{Last Name:3}
{Preferred Method of Communication:7}

Test Kurt

Test Kokoruz

(123) 456-7890


If the theme or another plugin is using a filter, it is possible they could corrupt the all_fields table markup when WordPress sends the email. Have you tried running through a conflict test:

I’ve changed the theme to Twenty Twenty-Four. I have disable all the plugins with the exception of Gravity Forms. Same issue. I have provided a number of screen grabs to assist you seeing what I am seeing and doing.



Part 2-3


Notifications Settings

Part 3-3

Email Before HTML Rendering (Top of the Email is All Fields - Bottom Is Individual Fields)

Email After HTML Rendering

Anyone have any ideas they can share regarding this issue I am experiencing? The form seemed like it was working until the site was migrated to Pantheon Hosting. I was able to recreate the error with Twenty Twenty-Four theme and only the Gravity Forms Plugin.

This is how my mail comes through. For testing purposes the theme is Twenty Twenty-Four and I have disable all the plugins with the exception of Gravity Forms.

I don’t know what else to try. Does anyone know what could be causing these formatting issues with mail delivery?

Hi, Kurt.

Checking the issue from the perspective you explained in a previous response, it seems to be a rendering problem.

In the first screenshot, the data exists in the email and is displayed when HTML is still not rendered.

Then, when HTML is rendered, some details disappear.

What comes to mind is a render conflict in the email client.

However, you also mention that the problem appears to have started happening after moving the website to Pantheon hosting.

Having said this, there is also the possibility of the render conflict being produced at the server level.

Something you can check is a comparison of the server specs between the old server and the new server on Pantheon; identify the differences to see if something could be associated as the cause of the problem.

An actionable alternative you could try is to create a staging copy of the website on a different server, then try submitting the form from there and see if the rendering problem persists.

That would help you be more certain about the issue being originated in the server or not.

I built a test site and it worked. definitely an issue with Pantheon. I have opened a ticket there.

Thank You

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