Notification condition: Subscription Not Created?

Hey all, I’m so close to a perfect revamp of our site’s membership system, and I’m so appreciative of folks answering my questions quickly.

There’s been a question on my mind for a long time about notifications. I was wondering why there isn’t a Notification Event Condition for the situation of Subscription Not Created.

In our case, the visitor/customer will either not be able to progress through the form if initiating a subscription fails. But, if it failed for whatever reason (insufficient funds on the CC, etc.) it would be nice to notify the site admin if someone makes an attempt or two, so the admin could reach out to the person trying to subscribe, with the contact information that would be submitted to them in the form notification.

Is the situation of the Subscription failing to initiate covered by one of the other conditions?
– Payment failed
– Subscription payment failed



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