Difference between Stripe events "Subscription Created" and "Subscription Payment Added"? [RESOLVED]

Could someone please clear up the difference between the Stripe events “Subscription Created” and “Subscription Payment Added”? Their linked descriptions don’t quite tell me enough.

I’m trying to configure an email notification for the very first subscription payment, which occurs moments after submitting the form. Which event should be the trigger?

Hi Sallie. The subscription is created first (only one time), but the first payment could be delayed if you use a trial or something like that, so they don’t necessarily happen moments apart (and for Authorize.Net for example, the first subscription payment is not collected until overnight batch processing.)

The subscription first needs to be created, then you can collect payments with it. The Subscription Payment Added event will be triggered for all subsequent payments for that subscription as well.

If you want a notification only one time, at the beginning, use the Subscription Created event. The payment won’t necessarily be collected yet, but if you only want one notification, not one every time a payment is collected, this is the correct event to use.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.


Awesome, thanks for the thorough explanation Chris! :slightly_smiling_face:

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