No new entry displayed after 10,000 entries! [RESOLVED]

Has anyone encountered this issue before? I just got 10,000 entries for one of my form, and I can’t seem to find the new entries with ID larger than 9,999… Is it some sort of database issue?
Problem Solved
Turns out that the GravityView Entry Revision is having some issue to distinguish the new entry and revision entry, so when an entry is revised, it was recognized as a new entry and sent notification, but it’s not a real new entry, hence not displayed in the entry list.

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We’ve not seen that one before. I would recommend enabling the Gravity Forms logging on the Forms > Settings page. Then on the Forms > Settings > Logging page ensure that Gravity Forms Core and any add-ons are enabled and set to log all messages.

After enabling and configuring logging, please test that form to create another entry. Then try to view the entry or locate the entry in your dashboard. Once you have performed the steps to replicate the issue please take a look in the System Report from the Forms > System Status page.

If you’re not able to see what is happening, please open a support ticket with us here:

I see that you’ve opened a priority ticket, so we’ll close this topic. Thank you.

Thank you for the update with the solution!