Newbie - question about radio button fields

I have created a form for sign-up for classes on Wednesday & Thursday.

Most of the classes are 8-hour blocks, so people will take one class on Wednesday, and a different class on Thursday.

I also have 4 classes, however that are 16-hour blocks, so registree’s would take the same class Wednesday and Thursday.

Is there a way, that if someone selects a 16-hour block, that the 8-hour block classes are not accessible/grayed out?

Sorry if this sounds rudimentary :confused:

Spit balling here. You might be looking at using some Javascrip/jQuery. You’d want it to either set or toggle the attributes depending on the selected choice.

	jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
		$( document.body ).on('click', '#choice_35_42_1', function(){
			$('#choice_35_4_2').attr("readonly", "readonly");
			$('#choice_35_4_3').removeAttr("readonly", "readonly");

You can also try the hide attribute, or just implement your own CSS addclass(). There are probably much cleaner ways to do it. But it will get you started. I use Snips n Scripts to implement my jQuery.