New Form User: A Few Questions

Hi Guys,

Building a pretty robust Gravity Form and had a few questions I would like clarification on. Here is a link to the form for reference

  1. On step 1 the labels ( First Name Lame ect, css selector: form .gfield_label) need to have a 1.2px letter spacing but if I do so it effects the labels form-wide in future steps. Can I target those labels directly on step 1 somehow?

  2. Is there a way for form answers to be auto-selected based on previous answers? So if a user answers question 2 a certain way it will show all the same anwsers on question 5 but a certain answer will be pre-selected.

  3. If you go through form( disabled required fields to make faster) you will see that there are 4 steps. In step 2 you choose from a list of products and for each chosen it shows a new page to fill out on step 3. So really step 3 has a lot of hidden steps which are all completed before step 4 which is the review. But to achieve this when you are navigating the steps the bubbles at the top change from showing the number to checkmarks on step 3. Is there a way to achieve the new steps as a part of 3 but also show the number 3 the entire time?

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