Paged Form icons near "label" not "field" and a question about conditions

Hello, I’ve been using gravity forms for a while and I really loved what I can do with it.
However, I have 2 questions about making a form look more beautiful.

1st question:

Is there a way to add step icons in a paged gravity form? I mean, let’s say I have a form that has 2 pages and in the first page, there are 10 steps. I want the form to show steps like “1/10” , “2/10” on the left side of the labels.

2nd question:

I use conditional logic and when a step is filled on the form, another one reveals. However, this revealing doesn’t look so good because the screen does not scroll to the next field automatically and I have to scroll down manually. How can I achieve this can anyone help me?

Here is an example of what I mean and want to achieve:
Example Form Page