Gravity form - conditional page logic, wrong page is hidden

Gravity forms version 2.6.3 hides the wrong page from the steps-indication. For some reason, the stepNumber is 1 to hight that get’s passed in showPage/hidePage in page_conditional_logic.js.

There is a workaround below, but perhaps the stepnumber needs to be corrected earlier on.

In the method evaluatePages the stepNumber is incremented with 2, because the logic there says because the first step is actually 2. It seems to work fine for everything else, however, the first class of the step is definitely gf_step_1_1, so it targets the next page’s indicator.

$('#gf_step_' + self.options.formId + '_' + stepNumber).removeClass('gf_step_hidden');

// Should be
$('#gf_step_' + self.options.formId + '_' + (stepNumber-1)).removeClass('gf_step_hidden');

 $('#gf_step_' + self.options.formId + '_' + stepNumber).addClass('gf_step_hidden');

// Should be
 $('#gf_step_' + self.options.formId + '_' + (stepNumber-1)).addClass('gf_step_hidden');

Hi Len. Can you please share your findings in a support ticket so we can have the correct people look at it?

Thank you.

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