New Edit Choices box feedback: scrolling to the top annoyance

I really appreciate the new ‘Edit Choices’ feature and the way it flies out, but for some reason it brings the entire form editor to scroll up to the very top each time I select it for a field. This is really tedious when editing long forms, I have to constantly scroll back to where I was after I have made my edits.

The other piece of this is that you lose context for which field you are editing because it scrolls away from the field you are modifying.

Perhaps something that can be sorted out in a future update. Thanks for the consideration!

One other point of feedback: it would be useful if the Edit Choices modal box could be resized and widened by the user. Most of my choices are cut off and I have to click into each label and value to see differences and read the entire input field for each choice. Thanks!

Hi Marty. I just tested the choices flyout and I see what you mean now about the fields scrolling all the way to the top after clicking the choices editor. You do lose context. I will open an issue for that one.

And as far as the width of the choices modal, there is a drag handle currently. Here’s a quick screen capture: firefox VjSw0Vglb8.mp4 - Droplr

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Hello, again Marty. I just tried recreating that issue with the scrolling and losing context, on another site, and I could not. If you would, please open a support ticket and include a form export, and also a copy of your system status report, so we can try to recreate the issue, or determine if that is being caused by a conflict with other scripts running on the site. Thank you.

Thanks for the prompt help, Chris. You’re right about it not reproducing in all scenarios. I have submitted a ticket.

And yes, totally missed that full width option on the modal, thanks for pointing that out!