2.5 Update Seems Like a Drag

While I appreciate the latest update and being able to drop and drag, I’m finding it annoying that I’m having issues with scrolling down past the item where I want to “drop”. I don’t see the duplicate field, and now I have 3 vertical scroll bars to have to use to find it. Adjusting to 3 columns is kinda clunky, and duplicating the 3 columns doesn’t work well. I have to try and put the duplicates back in a 3 column layout, which takes more time than should. Sigh.

+1 for the topic title!


And can we talk about how the field editing buttons vanish before you can click to edit?

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Another unfortunate issue is that I have to manually expand each collapsible section on the right to see all the options at once. Anyone know an injectable function to auto expand those metaboxes on the right side. Would speed up my ability to make changes to a particular field.

Let me know if I should post this in another section or start my own topic. Thanks for your time and any assistance.

Lots and lots of cleanup work needed on forms due to 2.5 upgrade. Pretty disappointing, title of this post is dead on.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. It’s all very valuable. In order for the product team to hear it, I recommend offering your suggestions via our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:


If you have something more like a bug, something that is not working (rather than something you would like to work differently) please open a support ticket for that, so we can get that in front of the support or product team. Support | Gravity Forms

Thank you.

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