Nested forms: Receiving multiple notifications for each submission


I’m using Gravity Forms with GP Nested Forms and lately (since last plugin update perhaps), I’ve been receiving multiple notifications for the same form entry.

For instance, my form allows a user to sign up for an event and add multiple other participants (like children). These form fields are repeatable. The multiple notifications are for each child added in this instance.

Is it possible to still only receive one notification for the entire form entry?
I hope I’m making sense.


Have you already contacted Gravity Wiz support for the Nested Forms Perk?

Hi Josée,

Please check the child form notification to see if it’s active. If so, disabling the notification should fix the issue. However, if you’re still receiving notifications for each child form entry, even when the notification is disabled, contact us via our support form so we can look at your setup.



Yes, I have now disabled them, but I never used to have to do that.
It’s only now that child form entries are causing multiple notifications.

Has anything changed at your end regarding this feature?

Thank you

Hi Josée,

Nothing has changed regarding child form notifications. If you’re still experiencing the issue, please contact us via our support form so we can look at your setup.

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