Name of customer who filled a form

Hi, first… I am not very «technical» :wink:
I just changed my email and when I get a Gravity form from a customer, I see my own name in my email. Normal, since the form is sent from my WordPress Website.
But…Before, when I had another email address, I was seeing the customer’s name.
I went in the notification of the form, everything is like before, with the old email. So it should come in showing the customer’s name.
From my Thunderbird on computer, I see the customer’s name but on my email from Samsung mobile, it is my name.
I put an image, maybe it is more clear.
Thanks for you help!

Hi Nathalie,

Have you made any modifications to the admin notification and used the merge tags in it? Please export the form and send me the file so that I can import it into my sandbox environment, test it, and confirm if there are any issues. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your time. All I change is the admin email. The rest stayed the same. Since I am receiving the forms ok of my computer, with the name of the customer and not my own, it means that the settings of the forms are as before. Only on my Samsung mobile and default app for emails that it changed.
Please tell me how to export my form and file? :frowning:

Please refer to the article mentioned earlier or provided below. Afterwards, please send me the JSON file so that I can further investigate and resolve the issue. Thank you.

Thank you. I have the document.
How do I send it from here… it’s a doc, not a url…

You can upload it to anywhere such as Google drive or following site and share the URL. Thank you

Ok, done. Sorry, never did that :wink:

Please access the request so I can access the file. Thank you

Done. Please tell me if anything more has to be done.

You have sent me the CSV file with the form entries. Please go to Gravity Forms → Import/Export → Export Forms and select the specific form to export as JSON, and then send it to me. Thank you.

Thank you, Nathalie. I have tested it a couple of times, and everything seems to be working fine. Could you please try again using a different phone instead of Samsung? Did you use Samsung’s own email app or the Gmail app?

Hi Faisal. Thank you for testing.
I have no other mobile that I can use.
It is the email that is included with my Samsung S20.
What I think is strange, is that with my other email address, it was showing customer’s name and just a change of admin email, the name showing is now mine…

As the problem cannot be replicated, it will be difficult to resolve, and the form settings look good.

@chrishajer Do you have any suggestions there? Thank you

I recommend opening a support ticket, and including an export of the form:

If you want to get a head start on support, enable Gravity Forms logging and test the form:

Include the system status report when you open the support ticket. Thank you.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. I think I will leave it like this. Since Faisal could not find something wrong, it is probably my Samsun default email then. Because on my computer, it is ok. Meaning that my notifications entries are good.
Thank you both for your time :wink: