Multiple entries for each list row

Hi there,

I am currently trying to create a reservation form in which users can select a date and a menu in a list so that they can make a reservation for several dates. Additional, they have to provide an email address.

Is there a way to get a single entry in Gravity Forms for each list entry? So if a user selects two dates, there should be two entries with the same email address and one date/menu per entry.

Thank you in advance guys!

Each form submission will always create one entry - anything different would need to be accomplished as a customization. I’m afraid I don’t have any code handy to pull that off, but I will leave this open in case someone has an idea. Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your answer.

Would it be possible for users to register so that their email address is given directly after login? Then, they could add one single reservation each time without having to enter their email address over and over again.