Multi page - conditional logic - does NOT jump to right page

Hi there!

I’ve mastered the conditional logic pretty well with the multi page form.
BUT, i have 1 question (and answer) that does NOT jump to the right page when entered.
I’ve searched everywhere, I’ve deleted the question, deleted the conditional logic… etc. Nothing works.

I add the conditional logic to the page breaks.
So if the answer on question 1 is: ‘Nee’ it needs to jump to the very last question (filling in your contact details). Instead it jumps to question 3. But i have no conditional logic filled in whatsoever on this question connecting it to 1.
I do have a conditional logic on the page break from 1. ‘Nee’ to the last question with the contact details.

Other logics do work with this method.
Help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Marcella. I recommend opening a support ticket here:

Be sure to include your form export:

Thank you.

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