Multi-file upload issue

I’m having an issue with multi-file uploads on a form:

Single-file uploads seem to work, but when multi-file upload option is enabled, and “select file” is clicked, nothing happens.

Any help would be appreciated. Thx!

There are multiple JavaScript errors present when visiting that page which will prevent the multi-file uploader from functioning:

You might try excluding that page from caching by WP Fastest Cache or disabling it’s script minification/optimization features and then clear your browser cache before testing the form again.

Hey Richard, thanks for the help.

I’ve excluded that page from WP Fastest Cache, and cleared all caching for the site… problem still persists.

I checked the page and found WP Fastest Cache is still minifying and caching the scripts resulting in JavaScript errors.

I have disabled WP Fastest Cache completely… not sure how thats possible?

Hi Bradley. I was going to check the source to see if the page was still cached or minified, for me, but I get a 404 for this page now: Sell or Trade In Your Car: How to rebuild your credit with a car loan.

Is there another URL for a page on your site where we can see the form with the multi-file upload field that is not working? Thank you.