More conditional field visibility operators


Unless I missed something, I really need more conditional operators.

Right now we have (I don’t have GF in english so not sure what’s the precise wording in english) :slight_smile:

is not
is bigger than
is smaller than
start with
end with

I need to be able to configure at least:
does NOT contain or
does NOT start with

My scenario is the following : I need to display SMS confirmation fields if:

  • my “show sms verification” field is “show” AND
  • my source field is not “empty string” AND
  • my source field does not start with “email” (I would like to populate the source field with “email1”, “email2” depending on the email sequence the user responded to)

Right now I can’t do the last part the way I want… so I will have to just use “is not: email” and won’t be able to pass the email number to gravityform.

Or did I miss something?

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Those use cases are not supported in Gravity Forms. However, there is a third-party solution available here:

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TBH I don’t understand why these operators:

does NOT contain
does NOT start with

haven’t been implemented in the core product…

if you can do “does contain” and “does start with”, it’s just a matter of adding ! in front of the condition to obtain does NOT contain/start with.

Now it’s really not a problem to pay $40 to some developer, but adding external plugins to GF makes it a lot more fragile and a lot less critical production ready.

Now in my case this external plugin won’t even solve my problem which is simply that these operators haven’t been (for god knows what reason) implemented at all.

I’ll contact this Dev but it seems like he just added the AND/OR logic, but haven’t added operators such as the 2 that I need.


Thanks for your feedback. I will share that with the development team.