Missplaced title in gravity forms

Hi everybody,

I don’t know if someone could help me with a styling issue I have with a form I created.

I don’t know why the form title has been missplaced at the bottom of it. The title should be at the beginning of the form, before name and surname, the link to the form is in this page form page

How could I put the title “we call you” at the top of the form?

thank you

Hello. The text in the button “We call you >” is the form submit button text, not the form title. That text is set on the Form Settings under “Form Button” and it looks like this: firefox EHSwWrAnKm.png - Droplr

You have opted to not show the form title, which is why the title does not show. This is a checkbox setting when you embed via the shortcode or in the form block, or a setting on the widget if you are using a form widget. Your form title is “We call you” without the > and it’s currently hidden. If you change the setting to Show, it should show up above the form, by default.

If you have any other issues, please let us know.

Hi @chrishajer

Thank you for answering my question. I opted for hiding the title because it shows as you can see in this photo image-3 — ImgBB

The title “Te llamamos” (we call you in english) if it’s not hidden it shows as you can see, it’s displaced from the form. I don’t know why the title now shows that way… The thing is that the title should be at the top of the form, before name and surname

I don’t know if it’s something related with settings or css, but if I could fix it with a css rule would be great! :smiley:

Thank you!

The form title should most definitely not be located there. That normally means there is some invalid HTML in the page, probably the template, where a div is not closed, so the Gravity Forms div goes somewhere else. I do not see the title output in the form or on the page now. If you enable that option, please check the markup using the W3C validator here:


It will help you find that invalid markup that is causing the Gravity Forms form title to be output in such a strange place. Thank you.

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