Is Hiding the form's Title Really This Difficult? [RESOLVED]

Hi guys.

Very frustrated. I do not see, nor understand why the option to hide the title of the form isn’t easily available in the settings area of the form editor.

I can’t believe it’s this difficult to change such a simple thing. Using Beaver Builder which doesn’t seem to be helping.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Displaying/hiding the form title is controlled by the method used to embed the form in the page. For example, Gravity Forms includes a toggle for it on the Gravity Forms block used in the WP/Gutenberg block editor, and for the shortcode UI in the classic editor, there is a checkbox.

If Beaver Builder isn’t displaying a setting for it in their custom UI, you’ll need to submit a feature request to them.

You can always use some custom CSS to hide the title, where 1 is the form ID e.g.

#gform_wrapper_1 .gform_title {
    display: none;
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Thank you very much for your help Richard.

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