Methods for tracking White Paper downloads?

Hello - I have a request to allow certain collateral to be downloaded after collecting the user’s contact and email addresses. We’d also like to track the number of download of a PDF that we’d share after the user submits their contact info. I could just supply a download link in the confirmation email or confirmation page. Is there any need to have a download manager extension? Essentially, the number of forms filled out would be the number of downloads. I would love to learn if I’m missing any cool features in said extensions.

Thank you!

The number of entries (submissions) would not necessarily be the actual number of people who downloaded the PDF. That is where the download manager comes in. I don’t have any first hand experience with a download manager, but I will leave this open in case someone else does.

I also found this article which may be useful":

Hi Chris - thanks for the input. Yes, I agree that the actual number of download wouldn’t be tracked. In our case it might be enough to know the number of users who asked for the link. :). As in, they could download it once or 10 times, or 0.

I did see this one during an initial search. It seems it hasn’t been tested with recent WP very, but it looked interesting.

I will check out that other set you shared. Thanks for keeping this open a few more days.


That’s a basic feature for Tag Manager : track link clicks in Analytics

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Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t dug into those in a while. I will now!