Download a file after giving personal info

I have a client looking to capture leads, and then give out a free white paper. Was hoping GF would do this. SO they would go to a page, it would say “Click here to get free White Paper”, you would click the button and go to a page or pop up, fill in name, email and phone, hit OK and then the file would download, or go to a page to download (just don’t want the page public).

Anyone have insight on this? Thanks in advance.

If you put the link to the download in the confirmation, only someone who submits the form will see that.

If you want to take that one step further, put the link in the notification email (or attach the file to the notification.). That way, they will need to provide a real email address for the download.

Finally, there is this free approach from Gravity Wiz:

Let us know if you’re looking for something different. Thank you.

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