Creating a master download list from multiple forms


I have multiple forms for different downloadable resources such as case studies, white papers etc.

A user fills out the form, then they get a confirmation email with the resource link.

My problem is that we can have quite a few of these forms, so when I pull out the total downloads for a month, I have to go through every form and export a csv file of the users details (resource name, user details), then pull all those into one file which is our monthly total downloads.

Is there a way of having these form details inserted into one file automatically? Or, is there a better way to get users details when they download a resource (complying wth GDPR of course).

Hi @sapartners !

I am a paying GF user as yourself, only I’m here as a Dev On A Mission :slight_smile:
( ie. to package, document, and donate to OpenSource a new WP/GF plugin )

There’s a good chance I have a solution for you, as what you describe sounds like the use case my MFSFS plugin was designed to assist…

  • user meta data persistence and easy retrieval
  • sharing saved form input data throughout a website
  • using merge tags to populate final HTML pages, format links, or build PDFs

I’m finishing up a major update to my online docs for this, as well as a new hosted demo.

You are welcome to peruse what I have in GitHub so far, and I’d love to hear your feedback and questions on my “Dinner Planner” interactive demo, as well as the current docs.

The Dinner Planner demo is using NO custom code (other than the MFSFS plugin) - see if you can figure out how GF can do this :slight_smile: - I plan to publish the form’s export data and docs for it as well.


Ref: Demo 2 - Dinner Planner:

Online Documentation: