Creating downloads for different selections

I’m trying to create a form that forces users to select which reports they want and then based on that selection, the relevant report downloads. Any ideas how to accomplish this would be highly appreciated.

Can they select more than one, or only one at a time? And do you want them to be able to download from a link on the screen (confirmation), a link in their email (notification) or attach the download to their email notification (if it’s not a huge file)? There are many ways to achieve that depending on how you want to give them access to the download, and how many they can select at one time.

Hi Chris

I want them to be able to choose 1 report, fill in their details and receive it. I don’t care if it starts downloading automatically or if they get a link on email.

But once theyve filled their details i want them to receive the chosen report somehow and to be redirected to my shop page.

Thats it

Hi lara Smith,

I too am a GF customer, as well as a PHP Dev, and I have implemented a solution to a somewhat similar use case as yours, only it was a bit more involved, but it had the same objective: Take user input, build a formatted document with that input, create a PDF booklet of content, provide link to the custom document to the user.

I will keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone has a workable solution for you that doesn’t involved any custom coding. If not, I can perhaps offer some suggestions.

A few questions that could be relevant include:

  1. Are the reports static, or dynamically assembled based on user input ?
  2. What is to be done with the user’s input after submission event ?
  3. Are your users anonymous or logged into WP ?


Hi James that does sound helluva involved. I’m simply trying to upload static reports, which are my products and then allow people to fill in their details and download the relevant report. Should be so obvious and simple, but alas

HI Lara. You should be able to accomplish this without any programming and it should not be that difficult.

If you have only a handful of reports (products) then you can use multiple notifications, each one with the link to your PDF in it, and use the conditional logic setting on the notification to say “Send THIS notification when they select THIS in the form” and that notification will have the link to your PDF in it.

The benefit of putting it in the notification is that you can be sure they gave you a real email address, as they won’t be able to fill out the form with garbage and see the PDF on their confirmation screen. Additionally, I sent a link to the PDF rather than attached it to the email, because if you have large PDFs, some mail providers will reject the email (over 10MB or 20MB for some services.)

I put together a proof of concept for you here:

You can test that out with different choices in the radio button field to see what you receive via email.

Here is an export of the form I used. [SITE REMOVED], save it to your desktop, then go to Forms > Import/Export > Import Forms to import this on your site.

You can use this imported form straight away to test out how this approach can work. The PDFs are on my website now, so you don’t have to change the links in the form. They will just be pulling them from my site. When you actually build yours, you will use links to documents that are already uploaded to your server.

If you need any assistance or explanation, please let me know.