Download offer function

I have setup a page where users can fill out some fields and see the price at the bottom.
I would like to have two buttons at the bottom of the form. One is a standard submit button which submits the form - no problem here.
The other button should be a download offer, which the user can click on and get a printable pdf with the data they have filled out. Pretty sure this can’t be done through Gravity forms alone, and some 3. party software would be needed. Just not sure which one would be the right choice in this case.

Hi Michael. You can only have one submit button in Gravity Forms. But you can use multiple confirmations after the submission and show one or the other using conditional logic.

You can have a checkbox that says “Submit form and download offer” or you could have a radio button choice which offered “Submit form” and “Download Offer”. Then the submit button is used, and you show a standard confirmation, or one with the PDF offer.

To create the PDF with data they submitted to you in the form, you can use Gravity PDF:

You determine which confirmation to use based on the checkbox being checked (or not) or which radio button was selected. Documentation:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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