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Hello all, i am pretty new to gravity forms and slowly fumbling my way around it.

I am completely stuck on what to do to get a “message has been successfully sent” pop up below the submit button or some where, when some one fills in a contact form, also for the form to go blank (reset) once this has been successfully sent, instead of vanishing off the page.

I have tried the popup maker method but the form still vanishes one you close the popup. I have looked at the gravitywiz plugin but it looks like you have to click a button to get it to clear.

Any help would be great,


Just thought i would add this to explain what i was trying achieve, this screen shot is taken after the submit button has been pressed, form cleared and message popups at the bottom.

I’m curious about the desire to leave the form (with empty fields) on the page? I’m wondering if that should be entered as a feature request.

You can use a form shortcode in your confirmation message along with the “Thank you for your message.” message. That will display a blank form in addition to your thank you message.

I think most people would expect to see the form blank to know it’s been sent, along with a message pop up below the submit button (like the example). Also it means they can fill it in again if they filled it in wrong, or just wanted to.

The form has Popup text when you get it wrong so I kinda think it should be there when it’s sent.

How do you do it with short code?

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Thank you for the feedback.

To add the shortcode, just copy the shortcode you are using on the page, and paste that into your confirmation text. The form will be visible along with your confirmation message.

Ok, I’ve got that working now, but the form is still full of the details. Is there short code To clear the form?

Interesting. That is not happening with my form. Can you export the form and send the JSON file to Thank you.

Just incase anyone reading this has any ideas, would adding…


after the AJAX success response work? and would anyone know where this bit of code is or how the best way to add in would be to try?

at the moment i have added… to the confirmation message to refresh the page so i get the form back, crude but it kinda works.

Ideally something like how CF7 message and form clear would be perfect.

Theoretically (I haven’t tested it) you should be able to use something like this (inside your functions.php):

add_filter( 'gform_confirmation', 'my_custom_confirmation', 10, 4 );
function my_custom_confirmation( $confirmation, $form, $entry, $ajax ) {
    $confirmation .= "<script> jQuery('.gform_wrapper').find('form')[0].reset(); </script>";
    return $confirmation;

Thanks for giving me something to try Hiranthi, unfortunately it didn’t work.

Why not try messing around with the Wordpress functions:

or this plugin:

I would do, but i dont know where to start. PHP coding is not my thing, so might just confuse myself even more.

How would a PHPmailer plugin tell the form to reset after submitting?

You’d have to install it and play around with it to see if it does what you want.

Sorry man, PHP wasn’t my thing a year ago and if you want to learn you’ll need to start somewhere. To help you get started, I recommend using:

For PHP codes that should go into Functions

And/or this for jQuery and lots of other stuff.

I’d recommend backing up your site a couple times a week when messing with code like this.