Can you add a gravity form into a text confirmation message?

Hi, I wanted to add a gravity form into the text confirmation message of a submitted form. I added the shortcode to the text confirmation but the form won’t submit. Is this even possible to do?

Here’s why I’m doing this:

I have a short form with 3 radio buttons. The user selects the type of job they are applying for and then they hit “Begin Application.” The hope was that I could put the appropriate application into the confirmation message so that I could keep the user on the page and not redirect them to another page. Unfortunately, the form would not submit and show the text message confirmation with the gravity forms shortcode embedded.

It seems that I can get this to work but not with the form I want to use. The form I want to use is long. I wonder if that could be the issue. When I put a small form in the conf message, it shows.

I tried disabling all plugins except for gravity forms and used the default theme. Same problem. No errors in console.

heres: the GF log

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