Manage multiple sites in one place

Hello Everyone,

We currently manage about 30+ websites. Is there a way we can manage and update the gravity forms in those websites in one go?

Specifically, if I want to change Cc: field in all the websites in one go is it possible to do it with some API or does it have to be manual work to login to each site and update?

I’m aware of the ManageWP sort of plugins to update the gravity forms plugin to the latest version, but couldn’t find a way to change the settings of it in one go. So trying to see if anyone has a solution to this.

Thanks in advance.

The simplest way I know of will be to use the Gravity Forms WP CLI plugin:

That will allow you to update the forms on the sites without having to log in to each one.

It may also be possible to do using MySQL from the command line, to update the cc for all sites on all forms.

Additionally, you could work around the issue completely by handling that on the mail server by automatically cc’ing another address when mail is sent to a specific address. Or, if you don’t have control of the mail server, possibly setting up rules on the client end (the person who received the existing email notification) to automatically forward a copy to this cc.

One other thought - use the gform_pre_send_email filter on all the sites to automatically send a copy of every notification to an additional cc: address:

With 30 sites and likely more than one form per site, there will be some work involved. The configuration of the sites and the server and email addresses will all factor in to this. I am going to leave this open in case someone else has an idea of how to approach this.