Making shipping cost dependant on number of products and shipping destination [RESOLVED]

I have created a form with one product. I added an option to ship it or pick it up (free of charge).
If the customer chooses to ship it, the shipping cost depend on the shipping destination (country) and on the number of products (which determine the weight of course).
I don’t want users to choose a shipping option, because they might select e.g. a national shipping instead of international and pay too little.

How can I achieve this seemingly simple set-up? Thank you!

Hi John. If you are not going to let them select a shipping option, I guess you will be using their address to determine the shipping charge? If so, how many possible different shipping charges might there be? Is it more like three options, or 168 options?

Hello Chris! That’s right, I am using the shipping address.
I’d be happy with 4 options (2 countries with each two weight classes).

Right now I can use the country, but I cannot pick the number of products from my product field.
Moreover I tried to use multiple shipping fields and hide/show them based on criteria, but I can use only one such a field.
I am happy to hear if you have a solution!

Hello Johan. This should be possible with conditional logic, because you only have the four options (two country possibilities each with two weight classes.) Rather than a Shipping field, have you tried using a Product field instead? You can add as many of those as you want. A shipping charge does not have to use a Shipping field.

Hi Chris, thank you for thinking along.

I had to do three things to make it work:

  1. Disable the ‘amount’ in the product and insert a separate field for amount of products (because the former cannot be selected at step 2).
  2. Turn this amount field into a selection list to prevent erroneous user input with decimal numbers.
  3. Replace Shipping field with 4 Products fields (bearing the name of Shipping cost), each one visible for it’s own scenario based on country and amount of products.

That sounds like a good workaround. Is that working for you now?

Hi Chris, I guess it works, I haven’t found a way to break the form!
I have even added extra options for users so they can select more expensive shipping methods with track&trace or insurance.

Thanks again for your help.

Awesome. Sounds pretty neat. Thank you for the update.