Making choices pre-selected on drop-down change

I want to create a form where there’s a drop-down list containing Software #1, Software #2, Software #3, etc., and also a list of features using checkboxes.
Now there are 2 things I need to do:

1/ One feature should always be checked, and not possible to be unchecked. I know how I can make it checked by default. But I don’t know how to make it unclickable so that the user won’t be able to uncheck it.

2/ By using Software #1 from the drop-down list, for instance, some features need to be checked automatically. By using Software #2, some other features need to be checked automatically. This too is something I don’t know how to implement in GF.

I would appreciate your help on these.


Hi Kyan,

This should be possible with our GP Populate Anything and GP Read Only Perks. You can use the GP Populate Anything Perk to populate the choices of the feature checkbox field based on the selected choice in the dropdown. It also allows you to auto-select choices in the checkbox field depending on how you set it up. You can then also use our GP Read Only Perk to ensure that the auto-selected choice can’t be deselected. Here’s a tutorial documentation with a similar setup.

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Hi Samuel,
Thanks a lot for naming those plugins. I’ll try them for sure.


Thanks to your help, I could finally make that happen.
It’s working perfectly.
There’s one more thing I have in mind.

Let’s say we have 2 sets of checkboxes, namely Systems and Sub-Systems, each containing some options.
I want to make relations between some choices. For instance, if the user intends to choose sub-systems #3 and #4, they have to choose system #2.
Is there an addon or a perk which lets me implement such relations and show proper message to the user?

Thanks in advance

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