MailChimp API setup


I think it used to be that during setup of the MailChimp add on, we would include the API key, etc.
Now it appears to have changed requiring a username/password (OAuth).

How can I revert back to just requiring the API key?


I don’t think you can. You have to navigate to your Mailchimp account, then you are redirected back to log back into your Wordpress site (whether you are already logged in or not).

I made them aware of an issue with a feature of iThemes Security, specifically “Hide Back End” where the wp-admin login slug is replaced with a login slug of your choice.

While Hide Back End is enabled, Mailchimp was redirected to an error page on the return to my website. This is exactly what is supposed to happen if some unauthorized person attempts to use the wp-admin slug to access the back end of my website.

I figured out what was happening and temporarily disabled Hide Back End and the Mailchimp settings were updated.

When I contacted Rocket Genius to tell them about the conflict with iThemes Security with Hide Back End enabled, I got a huge brush off. No good deed goes unpunished.

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If it’s true that you can’t do anything… I am curious about privacy then. Does Gravity Forms have access to the MailChimp account that gets connected? I vaguely recall some API that gravity forms manages, that the OAuth goes through. So, I’m definitely looking for more clarity here.

@chrishajer - do you have any comment here?

More specifically - can you explain why the redirect through And, who has access to the credentials and data for the API?


I recommend opening a support ticket if you have any questions about how our add-ons are connected to your services through the

Thank you.

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