Looking for help - Personality Tests

We have two tests.

In the first one we have 4 number and we need to find the highest two and show a response depending on those two numbers upon submission. The 4 numbers need to be saved to the user profile.

In the second test, there is 72 answers and we need to add each 3, that makes 24 results, we need to store them from highest to lowest in the user. Maybe show the highest 3 or 5, but that’s still pending.

Send me a quote for your help. Thanks!

I think we will need some more information about your project to provide a quote.
Are the questions the same for all users?
Can you show examples of the type of questions so we can better understand what you are doing?
When you say saved to the user profile, are you just wanting the information put into user met, or displayed in some way?
Are you showing any kind of calculations/sorting/summary on the form results page after submission?

The first test is this one

I’m adding the values (1-5points )of every 5 questions and saving them in D,C,I,S
If D and C are the highest values, then I need to show a message saying D/C is your personality. I tried doing this with conditional logic on the confirmation page but is not working. I would also like to save “D/C” into the User Meta to show it in the profile as “personality”. (I already have the shortcode to show the meta)

Second test

There is 72 questions and I save the value of 3 questions in A-X (this is already done). A-X can have a value of 3-9 . I need to show the highest 3 letters and save it to user meta as gift1, gift2, gift3

Both test will need to show the result after submission.

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