Looking for help: Active/Inactive Form Button

I’m looking for a competent developer capable of coding an option to use conditional logic to make the form button active/inactive. I am aware of the setting allowing the form button to show/hide, but that approach is not preferred in this case. Instead, we prefer to have the button show inactive until the user meets the condition, then the form button would turn active.

PM if you are interested. Thanks.

I’d save myself a bit of moolah by creating a field that resembles an inactive button (probably an HTML field containing a button image), throw in some CSS to make it appear exactly where the active form button will appear, then swapping the two out with conditional logic. But that’s just me. :wink:


This is an example of a multi-step form with conditional logic:


My contact info is on the form.

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I would be glad to assist you. Please contact for samples.
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