(Job request) Disable entry edit for entries submitted before certain date


I use gravity forms and nested forms along with gravity view to create a small system that will be used in a school.

Teachers will be able to view the forms entries and its nested entries through gravity view. They shall be able to add nested form entries and edit the entries they created.

Is there a way to block them from editing entries created before certain date but they still can see the these entries and submit and edits new nested entries?

Example: they add subjects progress report (as nested form entries) for each student till the end of the first term. After the end of the first term they will no longer being able to edit those entries but they will be able to submit new entries and edit those newly created entries.

In case anyone can help with this request, kindly reply to discuss the details.


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Hi Ahmed,

Whoever you find to assist you with the project, I hope that they/you would give Gravity Flow consideration as part of the solution. Its’ User Input Step is ideal for defining which field(s) of an entry someone can edit and define both schedule (when to be able to start editing) or expiration (until when should they be able to).

It integrates well with GravityView - so you could present a link to edit when appropriate or separately just to view the data when not.