Issues sending form entries to MailChimp, logging turned on

Form entries are not being properly routed to MailChimp. I turned on logging and it is finding 2 issues in sending form entries to MailChimp.

Error #1: Unable to add/update subscriber: Invalid Resource
Error #2: Field errors when attempting subscription: Array

I’ve looked through all of the field routing and it appears to be okay.

This is where the error is in the log. Gravity Forms MailChimp iss...

Does that mean there is something wrong with the country array? It’s automatically configured by selecting “international” in the country field in both GF and MC.

Any other troubleshooting ideas for me are greatly appreciated!

Hello. In the log, you can see the two errors. First, for error #2 (the country), you are sending “United States” but Mailchimp does not have that value. The matching value is “United States of America”. You will need to match those in order for the country to be sent to Mailchimp. You can update the value in the form, or in the Mailchimp account so that they match.

For error #1, you are sending “I consent” but Mailchimp is expecting “I consent to receiving emails from WGNV”. Those will need to match in order for you to send this field to Mailchimp.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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