Is There A Confirmation Page for Gated Assets?

I’m working with the demo version, and wanted to know if any there is a more in-depth confirmation add-on? I need a confirmation page for gated assets that would also send an e-mail containing the gated asset (PDF) to the user.



You can attach the PDF to the notification email, or send a link to the PDF in the notification email. That way, the only people who get it will be the ones who filled out your form completely and with a valid email address. Will that work for you?

Maybe I’m missing something. I’m able to add the pdf in the Text Confirmation, but when I do a test submission, it switches to the default confirmation (which is a URL redirect). What am I missing?

It sounds like you added a new confirmation, rather than editing the Default confirmation. When you do that, you need to set a conditional logic rule to ensure that confirmation is used after submission. If you always want this new confirmation to be used, configure the Default confirmation to do what you want, and delete this second confirmation you added. Then the Default confirmation will always be used.

I’m guessing that’s not available with the demo version?

That is available with the demo version. I recommend contact us here with your demo URL and password, so we can log in and take a look.

You need the Wordpress login and password?

Please use the contact form here - select OTHER in the drop down, and reference this topic. Be sure to include the link to your demo site, and the login password, so we can take a look at what you have already done. Thank you.


Also, can you tell me if there is a limit to the number of forms you can have with the demo version?

There is no limit to the number of forms in the demo sites.