Create a post with confirmation page

Hi There , Again Thanks for everything about this plugin , i’m just wondering
can we make a post straight out of the confirmation ?

i mean we make the confirmation page , an actual post and a valid page with its title and featured image

in confirmation you can choose to show a “page” which is way more helpful for someone like me that is using Elementor because you can manipulate so many options and get the best out of both plugins

but with gravity form custom post type and these sorts you cannot fully play with the outcome page template and your hands are tied

is it possible that we make the confirmation page a valid page or maybe a code that makes the same confirmation page a post and publish it …?

Ali, “converting” a text confirmation into a page is not a feature. But if you configure the confirmation to Page type, and select any page of your site (even a blank page), you can then use the following third-party add-on created by one of our certified developers to use merge tags in your page Use Gravity Forms Merge Tags in Your Post Content - Gravity Wiz

So you would be able to use your page builder to customize the page look, and use Gravity Forms merge tags as you do with regular text confirmations. I guess that’s your goal really.

Be sure to confirm with the add-on author if it could fit your needs.

I am aware of that Samuel and the company is using that , Thank you for replying btw , what i’m saying is that the page that it does create is not a real page , it does not have a Featured Image or any other post/page meta data

i’m asking that maybe it could be a css code , or something that when we push a button or something like “publish this content” , the user that is seeing the content automatically creates that same confirmation as a real post/page

i’m not really good at coding at all

but something like

if button triggered
publish whole content of the page as a post/page

i think its simple but i don’t know how to reach it

Hi Ali. Gravity Forms can create a post (or page or custom post) from the submission, if you like, and redirect to that post if you want. Is that what you are looking for? If so, let us know and we can help you with the information that is required to set this up. Thank you.

Hi Chris , The legend of Gravity forms ,
Yes but i googled and saw an advance post creation add on and the way it works is not that much good but the confirmation page really is because first things first it redirects the user directly after the submission and then it can be manipulated by elementor in every way
thank you for any help in advance

You do not need to use the Advanced Post Creation Add-On if you don’t want, or don’t have an Elite license. You can use the built in Post Fields in Gravity Forms to create your post.

To redirect to that page which was just created by the form submission, you can use the site URL and the {post_id} to get the ID of the post:{post_id}

That will redirect your visitor to the post which was just created by their form submission. Does that work for you?

I can’t offer any better recommendations than what @chrishajer has w.r.t the post creation parts of your questions, or potentially how much control you have/need through Elementor for the design portions of the post. But…your target goal is something that Gravity Flow could help with:

The Approval Step Type is meant to give you this exact flexibility. Whether you frame it as approve/reject, yes/no, publish/cancel or other, you could have the form confirmation page redirect to the {workflow_entry_url} merge tag and the workflow will be waiting at the approval step for the user to decide.

Then the Advanced Post Creation Add-On can have its’ feed only be triggered when the approval is successful. See our doc on workflow branches for a bit more about that. If you are wanting to include payment to publish the posting, all of the Stripe/Paypal add-ons can be processed as steps in the workflow as well.

Or perhaps you still use the confirmation page to show “this is what it could be like” and include a call-to-action link at the top which directs the user to the approval step to trigger the publishing of the post?

Hope that helps,

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Hi Dear jamie , Honestly i did not understand Dear Chris’s solution so much and i thought i’m not really expressing my idea well enough that its misunderstood so i left it behind
but yea what i exactly wanted is what you said , a confirmation page to show “this is what it could be like” and then do you want to publish it to public or not ?
i just got aware about gravity flow and i’m looking into it and will keep you updated if i could actually make that work with your suggestion
but anyway thank you so much for putting time and effort to solve the solution
much appreciated

So would this work if you wanted a copy of the submitted form sent to the visitor so they could print it out or keep it in electronic file form?
I run a camp web site, on the form / application when complete and submitted, I want them to see the form with the ability to print it out for their records or save as a file

For post-submission notifications involving PDF copies of the entry (or portions of it), Gravity Flow PDF Generator provides an easy-to-use experience with merge tags much like you’d have experience when setting up notifications. If your presentation requirements for the recorded version involve more branding/layout or customized presentation logic, the gravityflowpdf_content filter can provide that control. Or GravityPDF and ForGravity have other add-ons that may suit your use case as well.


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