Can I have a 'Email my submission' form on the confirmation page?

Hi, I have a form that calculates a result and displays it on the confirmation page. On the confirmation page I have been asked to add an email address field and a submit button, so the if the user likes the calculation result they can enter their email address and send the entry details to themselves.
Is there a way to do this?
I know I can put an email address field in with the rest of the fields with a tickbox that says ‘I want to receive the results’ and send a notification based on this, but it would be preferrable to have the email address field after the form submission.

There’s no built-in features in Gravity Forms to accomplish the use case described. I’m not aware of any ready to use third-party solution for it either.

Hey Ernie, maybe I read too quickly. Using a confirmation page (so your confirmation is not set to Text type but to Page or Redirect), you can configure a query string in your current form to pass data to the confirmation page and put another form in that page with the email field and some hidden field(s) to store the data you’re passing. The following documentation explains this approach in more detail: Populating a Form Based On Another Submission | Gravity Forms

There’s also a third-party add-on that could make these things easier: Gravity Forms Easy Passthrough | Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz
Make sure to confirm with the author if it could fit your needs before a potential purchase: Have a question about Gravity Perks? - Gravity Wiz

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