How to create confirmation email in basic version [RESOLVED]

I have worked out how to create a confirmation message, but how can I send an email so the customer has a permanent record of their submission? Thank you!

Add an email field to the form, you’ll need the user to enter their email address so Gravity Forms knows where to send them the notification email.

Then add a notification to the form, select the “Select a field” option for the Send To setting, and select the email field from the form where the user will be entering their email.

You can then configure the rest of the notification with whatever other settings or content you’d like to send the user on submission. If you want to just send the user a record of all the data they submitted, entering the {all_fields} merge tag into the notification message editor will output a table containing all the submitted data into the email body.

Thanks Karl, I appreciate the quick response.

I am also having an issue with all emails going to junk - emails when I first signed up to Gravity Forms all went to junk and the email confirmation I just setup as per your instructions also landed in junk. Is there a way to remedy this?


Hi Catherine,

I recommend opening a support ticket for the issue:

Thank you,

Thanks Chris. Using an email address matching the URL was the solution.