Confirmation email to requester

For setting a confirmation I only have 3 options: Message, Redirect or Page. How can I configure the email that is sent to the person that filled in the form? Should I use Notifications tab and fill in a parameter / dynamic field in the “Send to Email” field?

Take a look at the Notification tab. The Notification is the email. The Confirmation is what is shown on screen after the form is submitted. By default, your form will have an Admin Notification, but you can add another to be sent to the requester.

Here is some documentation about configuring your notifications:

Thank you very much. So I should indeed use Notifications (although from a customer perspective it is more a confirmation of a request, but that’s semantics). I already read through the help page you shared earlier, but it’s not clear for me how to insert the field with the email address filled in in the form by the sender. Maybe I’m missing something?

Hi Rene. The easiest thing to do is open a support ticket. But, I think you are looking for the merge tag drop down. It’s the small downward arrow that you use the insert field merge tags into your notification. It looks like this:


Hi Chris, not sure how that would help? Again, the question is how to configure the/an email being sent to the person who filled in the form. So let’s say I fill in the form, then I want to receive a carbon copy of it along with a message “Thanks for you inquiry etc”. It’s quite a straightforward functionality so I’m probably looking in the wrong direction.

BTW I don’t think I can send a support ticket as I’m currently using the 7 day trial.

Hi Rene. Be sure you log in to the demo so that it does not expire and you lose your work. Do that today.

If you would like me to take a look at your form configuration and notifications, send you demo URL and password via email to and I’ll take a look. Thank you.