Option for submitter for print a copy? (Or duplicate email copy)

Is there any way that at the end of a form completion the user could have a summary page of the details entered before submitting, and/or an option to print a copy?
I am creating an entry form, and health & safety risk assessment forms and users will want a hard copy.
Alternatively can a separate email be sent to the user to their own email?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

You can use this to show a confirmation page before the form is submitted:


Also, of course you can send an additional email to the user after the form is submitted. Just go to Notifications for the form in question, and click Add New to add a new feed. Configure that to send TO the email address that the user submitted to you in the form. You can configure as many notifications for a form as you like, and each can contain whatever content you want.

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