Is it possible to customize the keys for the form fields?

I was thinking perhaps the documentation here might be of use but following this exactly results in an error every time:

Basically when adding new fields to forms it has key [“8.1”]=> string(8) “Atlantic” using the field ID.

Since I am in development, these end up changing and need to be updated on every form and that’s taking quite some time. Is it possible on forms you customize the key when you create the forms so that you can set the key like [“county”] => string(8) “Atlantic” ? That way no matter the ID on any form I can quickly save those fields to display the values.

For example, I want to print an address. On one form that is going to be $form_data[‘field’][1.1] or using the merge tag {Street:1.1} but on the next form that ID is different so I have to go to that code, find the field ID, and change it to whatever it is on that form.

If I can store the key on a field and when I duplicate that field across forms it will maintain that customized key it would make displaying so much easier and I wouldn’t have to worry about changing things around so often.

Hi Avi

If I’m following you correctly, my new (free) plugin “Shared Fields,” might be what you’re looking for.

Take a look at the about file here (there’s also full documentation and some live demos available so you can see it in action):

(Note: I’m right in the middle of updating to “rc5” which adds a new field type for clearing out saved data)