Invalid address: (setFrom)

All the forms on the website cannot send to the admin notication. I have changed the email address, selected a form field, but nothing works. The error message says : Invalid address: (setFrom) contact@https://www… which is obviously invalid.

How can I fix this? Also, although the backend says the key is valid I don’t know what email address was used for purchase and I can’t read the actual key. Is there a way to trace back the correct info?

Hi @jillc - I recommend starting by contacting Gravity Forms with the Contact Us form:

You can select “Other” in the dropdown in order to submit that form without logging in or providing a system report. We can help you figure out the license ownership.

For assistance with the admin notifications on the site, I first recommend enabling logging:

Then, I recommend checking for theme and plugin conflicts which could be modifying the FROM email address in your notifications. We have an article on the usage of the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin to help you check for conflicts here:

Thank you.