Integromat connection via API

I am trying to connect gravity forms to Integromat and when I set up a new rest API and enter the codes, integromat gives me an error “Certifcare is expired”. I have recreated a new API connection about 5 times now and followed the setup instructions with the same issue. I have it also connected via Zapier, which was much easier, and I didn’t have any issues there.

Does anyone know why it’s doing this?

An expired certificate error suggests the SSL certificate used by your site has expired. You’ll need to contact your web host for assistance with that issue.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the response. I just checked and my SSL is current, active, showing valid per Chrome, and doesn’t expire until Jan. 9, 2021. Any other ideas?

Side note - I was able to link up a separate site with the same type of gravity form on it. On the one having problems I also have a zapier connection in progress along with another webhook. Would either of those things interfere with the integromat API?

Having Zapier installed wouldn’t be an issue, they use different endpoints.

Ask your web host to check if the server certificates package needs updating, it’s separate from your site certificate. Also, have them check if OpenSSL needs updating.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue you’ll need to contact integromat.

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