Installed Recaptchav3 add-on, do not see badge and multi-page form does not advance now

I installed recaptchav3 add-on. I was not seeing the badge after that, so did some research in this community and one post suggested to use the Health Check & Troubleshooting Plugin to see if there were any conflicts etc. I did not find any conflicts, exited the troubleshooting plugin and went to see if the recaptchav3 badge might have magically appeared in my multipage form. It wasn’t there, but I decided to try out the form just for the heck of it…after filling out the first page, when I hit the next button, a small spinning circle appears next to the button and that is it…no advancing to the next page in the form.
Thanks in advance for your help!

So I went back to redo the troubleshooting plugin and it appears that my theme (DIVI) with the recaptchav3 add-on is what was preventing my form from advancing when the button is clicked. Now, I am at a loss as to how to use recaptchav3 on my site.

Hi Matthew. I recommend contacting Divi support to report the conflict. Because the reCAPTCHA scripts are JavaScript-based, any JavaScript conflict on the site can interfere.

Hi Chris, Thanks for replying. I think that is a good idea because they have reCAPTCHA v3 support for their own builder forms etc., but clearly there is some conflict with the add-on plugin for gravity forms.
Thanks again.

Thanks, Matthew. Let us know what you find out.

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