Insert or append prices of dropdown products to their description

Hello! I’m building an online order form for a caterer(no payment processing needed) and am trying to improve the display of prices for product fields using the dropdown option. Either of the two options would be great:

  1. Is there some way to insert or append the prices of dropdown items to the description text by looping over the options’ prices fields via a filter or some other action?
  2. Is there a way to display the prices in the dropdown next to the label? I’d prefer to do this programmatically if possible rather than typing the price twice(into the price field and again into the label) to avoid the extra work but also to avoid it showing up in the order summary.

I tried simply typing the prices into the description wrapped in tags, but one typing error( accidentally added closing strong missing the trailing caret, <strong ) caused the page navigation to break entirely - this will be edited by client, so cant run that risk.

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