Indicates required fields doesn't translate [RESOLVED]

With the new gravity forms, there is the note “Indicates required fields” which appears at the top of the forms. I want this note to be translated in French. I am using Loco Translate. 100% of Gravity form are translated but when I look at the fields, I don’t see the “indicates required fields” in the list. Where can I find this and how can I translate this?


We are aware of an issue with Loco Translate. When it scans plugins for strings to translate it skips files over 100KB, which includes the files which handle form rendering, so it doesn’t currently list a number of important strings such as the validation messages. Our product team are investigating how we can resolve this issue.

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Is there a way to force the translation ? or change this text until you can find a resolution to this issue? thanks

Any news on this?

Gravity Forms 2.5.6, which is available via automatic update, includes a .pot file which will allow Loco Translate to list the strings without having to scan all the plugin files.

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