Indicates required fields doesn't translate-1 [RESOLVED]

I am bringing back this topic as I still have this issue.

this is latest post on this:
Gravity Forms 2.5.6, which is available via automatic update, includes a .pot file which will allow Loco Translate to list the strings without having to scan all the plugin files.

I went to the admin.pot file, still couldn’t find the msgid “Indicates required fields”. So I can’t translate or change. Need help on this . Thank you !

Hi Mauricio. I found that string in the gravityforms.pot:

./gravityforms/languages/gravityforms.pot:4147:msgid "\"%s\" indicates required fields"

Hello Chris,

thanks, so I do I modify the translation?

in the gravityforms.pot I found this:
#. Translators: the text or symbol that indicates a field is required
#: form_display.php:1022
msgid “”%s" indicates required fields"
msgstr “”

Can I just change it here?
msgid “”%s" Champ requis"
msgstr “”

Found it!

I added the string in the gravityforms-fr_CA.po and then translated !

Thank you!

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