Can't find translation of number field phrase

in “number” field of gravity forms, when i use min and max there is some english phrase under the field that says: "Please enter a number from … to …"

how can i translate the phrase? i couldn’t find that in .mo file, i couldn’t find it with loco translate nigher. How can i translate this phrase for myself?

I can be translated. It’s in the *.pot file:

./gravityforms/languages/gravityforms.pot:8236:msgid "Please enter a number from %s to %s."

You should be able to translate that using whatever method you prefer.

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Oh yes, I synced it and it suddenly appeared. Idk why It wasn’t in my .po file.

besides, In password section that show password strength, it says: "weak, moderate, strong and …"

I cant find these words in .po neither!

Hi Ershad. Those are in the po file as well (assuming we are talking about the same messages):

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